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Best Password Managers for Android





And finally, we want to recommend Enpass. Mainly because you get almost everything the other guys offer for free, and if you want more there's only a one-time fee. No monthly subscription costs or nothing.

So if you just need a password manager for Android it's mostly free. Then, the one-time $12 fee will get you cloud storage and PC or Mac versions for cross-device sync, along with tons of other features.

They have auto-fill forms and logins, built-in browser, fingerprint support, cloud storage, and the usual 256 encryption. You can categorize everything in folders, like sites or shopping. Backup and save everything to WiFi in case you lose your phone, and more. They'll even allow free users to encrypt and backup their entire password collection to their own cloud storage option, like Dropbox.

It's a very cost-effective password solution. 

Download Enpass for Android

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sky Writer

    04/21/2017 at 7:36 am

    Love this app. Have tried many of the others mentioned, but I find this one to be the most practical and economical one to use. I have it on android phone, android tablet, pc desktop, MS surface , mac laptop. It performs flawlessly on all the devices (I don’t use their browser) For a onetime payment of $9.99 I’m getting a real bargain, I can’t ask for anything more.

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