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Best Password Managers for Android



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Google Passwords

Google Passwords

Last but not least we wanted to mention the built-in Google Passwords system on most devices these days. 

Built into Android and linked to your Gmail account is a pretty decent password manager from Google. Once you put in all the information it'll do auto-fill forms and passwords for your favorite sites or places you visit. And while it won't really "manage" your passwords, you won't have to put them in either. 

Plus, if some of the apps on this list are too confusing or you don't want a big long master password, just use Google. As long as you have a good password for your main Google account, it'll do the job pretty good and it's free. 

Honorable mentions: In closing, with these roundups we always like to add a few other options to the end. Those include RememBear, KeePass, aWallet, mSecure or even RoboForm. All said and done, the few in our slideshow are likely your best bet. Choose what's right for you, what you can afford, and stay safe online. 

7 / 7
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sky Writer

    04/21/2017 at 7:36 am

    Love this app. Have tried many of the others mentioned, but I find this one to be the most practical and economical one to use. I have it on android phone, android tablet, pc desktop, MS surface , mac laptop. It performs flawlessly on all the devices (I don’t use their browser) For a onetime payment of $9.99 I’m getting a real bargain, I can’t ask for anything more.

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