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5 Best PS4 Exclusive Games Coming in 2017



Grand Turismo Sport

Grand Turismo Sport

Realism is what sports gamers love. That's what Sony hopes to give them with Grand Turismo Sport.

The updated graphics offer a detailed look at new and old cars. Reflections and lighting make the hoods and bodies of each car glisten like the real thing. Venues that were taken from the real world let games feel what it's like to compete for top prize in the racing events that they see on television. The top players the multiplayer mode have to offer can compete every weekend for Grand Turismo Sport buyers to watch live, turning the game into something you can passively enjoy. That also adds to the real-life racing league feel. The game even boasts a Sports Mode certified by the FIA racing league, the body that governs races of this type in Europe.

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Some gamers will get more realism than others for the $60 that they pay for the game. Grand Turismo Sport has a PlayStation VR mode planned for those that really want to imagine themselves as racers. It'll put them behind the driving wheel of their favorite vehicles. 

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