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5 Best Fast Chargers for the OnePlus 6



These are the best fast chargers for the OnePlus 6 and why you’ll want one. In fact, buying the right charger makes a huge difference in how fast your OnePlus 6 battery will recharge. You’ll want a full battery so you can enjoy all the neat things the OnePlus 6 can do.

Like a lot of phones the OnePlus 6 features fast charging, also known as Dash Charging. This works similar to Samsung’s adaptive fast charging, or Quick Charge 3.0 on other phones. Get an extra fast charger to use at home, for your office, or in the car.

Here are some of the best fast chargers you should consider.

  • OnePlus 6 Fast Charge Power Adapter
  • Official OnePlus Fast Charge Car Charger
  • NekTeck 18w Quick Charger (with cables)
  • Anker 39w Dual Quick Wall Charger
  • iClever BoostCube 39w Dual Travel Charger

For those unaware, fast charging allows your OnePlus 6 to recharge from 0-60% in just 30 minutes. They call it, “A days power in half an hour”. As long as you use a “fast or quick charge” certified wall or car charger, you’ll get these fast speeds.

If not, and you use an old spare charger laying around the house, your phone will take anywhere from 2-3 hours to recharge. And, 30 minutes will only get you about 12-15% battery. Every new phone from the Galaxy S9 to the Moto G6 uses fast charging. However, the OnePlus 6 uses its own custom Dash fast charging that’s faster than almost every phone on the market. That’s why you’ll want to take full advantage of it by getting a charger from our list below.

OnePlus 6 Fast Charge Power Adapter

First off, we’ll recommend the official OnePlus “dash” fast charge power adapter for the United States. This is made by OnePlus specifically for its smartphones and has exactly the right power ratings, watts, and output for a safe but incredibly fast recharge. It’s the same one that comes in the box with each new phone.

Basically, you’ll want an extra official fast charger from OnePlus themselves. Take it to work, add it to your bathroom, or get one for every room of the house so you’ll always get a full battery as quickly as possible.

Buy it Now for $19 from OnePlus

Official OnePlus Fast Charge Car Charger

Did you know you can get the same incredibly fast charging speeds in your car too? You just need a quick charge certified car charger. Luckily, OnePlus offers its own fast dash car charger on the website as well.

Get the same fast 0-60% charge in only 30 minutes with the official car charger from OnePlus. They made this car charger from a single piece of aluminum. It’s a high-end, durable, fast car charger worth buying. You’ll get an extra USB Type-C charger with your purchase, so you’ll have an extra and can leave the main cable at home.

Buy it Now for $29.95 from OnePlus

NekTeck 18w Quick Charger (with cables)

Next up is the NekTeck 18w Quick Charger that comes with two USB cables. This wall plug is Qualcomm certified, puts out 18w of power, and features auto-detect technology. This way it knows exactly how much power to give the OnePlus 6.

And while this NekTeck charger might not be as fast as the official OnePlus wall plug, it’s still rating for fast charging, comes with two USB cables, and it’s only $13.99 making it a great alternative for those on a budget. So, if you don’t need an official charger get this and keep your phone battery full as often as possible.

Buy it Now for $13.99 on Amazon

Anker 39w Dual Quick Wall Charger

If you’re looking to charge two devices at the same time, quickly, get this charger. Anker is one of our favorite accessory manufacturers, and this wall charger puts out tons of power and has two USB ports.

This model has a high 39w of power output and is Quick Charge 3.0 certified on both ports. Meaning you can charge your OnePlus 6 and another device as fast as possible. And while it doesn’t come with a bunch of USB cables, you’re getting a powerful wall plug from a reputable brand. Top off your tablet or accessories with the included micro-USB cable, and your OnePlus 6 with the USB Type-C cable that came in the box.

Buy it Now for $23.99 on Amazon

iClever BoostCube 39w Dual Travel Charger

Last but not least is the iClever BoostCube. This dual output wall charger is similar to the Anker above it, but it has one additional feature a lot of people really enjoy. This wall charger has fold-away prongs so you can easily throw it in a purse, pocket, or bag while you’re traveling.

The BoostCube features Fast Charging on both USB output ports, delivers 39w of power, and it’s pretty affordable. This is a great option for people always on the go, someone two travels frequently, or anyone that needs to recharge two devices at the same time.

Buy it Now for $19.99 on Amazon

While you’re here, consider getting a OnePlus 6 case or screen protector and keep your phone safe.

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