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7 Best Surface Laptop Accessories



Surface Arc Mouse - $79.99

Surface Arc Mouse - $79.99

You get a mouse that fits in any pocket and looks as stylish as your Surface Laptop does when you buy the Surface Arc Mouse.

This $79.99 Surface Laptop accessory doesn’t take up your device’s single USB port. It communicates with Bluetooth 4.0. You flatten the entire mouse to turn it off. Bending the mouse turns it back on again. You can flip from page to page or scroll up and down without finding a scroll bar using its touch-sensitive surface. Silver, teal, burgundy and blue models let you complement your Surface Laptop’s Alcantara fabric and aluminum chassis.

Microsoft includes a pair of AAA batteries with every Surface Arc Mouse it sells. A single set of batteries powers the mouse for six months.

[ Buy the Surface Arc Mouse from the Microsoft Store for $79.99 ]



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