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7 Best Surface Laptop Accessories



MoKo 13-Inch Sleeve Bag - $14.99

MoKo 13-Inch Sleeve Bag - $14.99

If your Surface Laptop is gold, blue, burgundy or black, you need to buy the MoKo 13-inch Sleeve bag. It only costs $14.99 from Amazon and comes with a matching pouch. This sleeve will save you money eventually.

Your device's frame is made of painted aluminum. A little of this paint comes off with every scrape or scratch, letting the silver aluminum shine through. Soon you could have a laptop that does not look as good as it did when you purchased it, which hurts resale value.

This sleeve has two compartments. One is just big enough to fit your Surface Laptop. You can use the other to hold a tablet, mouse or another accessory. A stitched fabric flap with a pocket of its own keeps all your stuff inside.

[ Buy the MoKo 13-Inch Sleeve Bag from Amazon for $14.99 ]



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