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8 Best Surface Laptop Cases, Bags and Sleeves



TYLT Energi Backpack - $99.99

TYLT Energi Backpack - $99.99

The TYLT Energi Backpack lets you avoid wasting your Surface Laptop’s precious battery life on charging your smartphone or tablet.

A 10,400 mAh battery hidden inside that backpack charges anything with a MicroUSB Port. This battery will keep you from draining your Surface Laptop’s power reserves to get your iPhone working again. Up to three devices can charge at a time. Cable channels inside the backpack supply power to any gadget in any pocket. You can charge your phone while it’s in your hand too. 

The Energi Backpack handles other problems as well as it does charging. This bag splits in half so that airport security can inspect your Surface Laptop and other devices without you dropping them into a separate bin for scanning. You don’t have to keep the bag on your back when traveling either. A pocket on its rear slides over your roller suitcase’s handle so that you can pull them both with one hand. Five external pockets let you store your Surface Laptop accessories in a hurry.

TYLT sells the Energi Backpack on its site for $99.99.

 Buy the TYLT Energi Backpack from TYLT for $99.99

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