15 Cool Things the Galaxy Note 10 Can Do
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15 Cool Things the Galaxy Note 10 Can Do



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App Pairing, Bixby, AR Emoji & More

App Pairing, Bixby, AR Emoji & More

In closing, we wanted to highlight a few other awesome things and cool Galaxy Note 10 features. 

Samsung has always let us launch two apps at the same time with Note devices, taking full advantage of that big screen. And now they have "App Pairing" which will let you launch two apps, together, at the same time. This way you can instantly multi-task and use split-window on the fly with ease. Tap one button and it'll launch two apps you've selected to open together. It's pretty helpful to watch videos and write an email at the same time. 

You still have the heart rate sensor on the back too, near the cameras. These can check your heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels and more just by opening the Samsung Health app. 

You can even use Dual Capture mode to take both a regular and a zoomed-in photo at the same time, stream audio to two different devices at a time with Bluetooth 5.0, or keep your information safe with the Samsung Secure Folder. You can even have the same app installed twice (with different accounts) using the secure folder. A personal FB and a private work FB hidden behind a code. The options are endless. 

Bixby is better than ever, AR Emojis are finally good, the front-facing camera got upgraded on the Note 10, we could go on and on. 

These phones have a little of everything and do a little of everything. 

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