15 Cool Things the Galaxy Note 10 Can Do
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15 Cool Things the Galaxy Note 10 Can Do



Under Display Fingerprint Scanner

Under Display Fingerprint Scanner

One of the biggest selling points and coolest Galaxy Note 10 features is the ability to magically unlock your phone just by touching your finger to the screen. Yes, it has a new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the display. It's inside the phone. 

Instead of a button that's hard to reach on the back of the device, you simply touch the glass on the screen and it reads your fingerprint from underneath by using ultrasonic sound waves. This technology actually reads the unique ridges of your finger.

This works when the screen is on or off, in a very low-power mode, even when your finger is wet, and it has 3D anti-spoofing technology along with it. That means someone can't get a tape-strip of your finger or a picture of your face and unlock your phone. It's very secure. 

It's also super futuristic, fun to watch, and even cooler to show your friends and family.

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