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10 Cool Things the Galaxy Note 10 Can Do



Powerful Quad-Camera System (1,000 FPS Videos)

Powerful Quad-Camera System (1,000 FPS Videos)

Each year the camera improves on Samsung devices, even if they've used the same 12MP sensor for several years. And while we're expecting the biggest changes to the camera in 2020 with the Galaxy S11, the Note 10 does some pretty awesome stuff. 

The Galaxy Note 10 can take amazing photos or video. Seriously, these phones are highly capable photography devices. One of the best Galaxy Note 10 hidden features is the 960 frames-per-second slow-mo video recording. 

For one, the main 12MP camera on the back of any Galaxy Note 10 model you buy can take great photos. Both models have the same three cameras which are very capable. Then, the Galaxy Note 10+ has a 4th depth of field (or time of flight) camera sensor. That fourth lens allows for some pretty cool features. 

Perhaps the most exciting new camera feature is "Portrait Video". Basically, that 4th camera sensor allows you to get bokeh and that fancy blur like you do on photos, when you record videos. It's crazy to see in person, and will make your videos look more professional than ever before.

We love that both phones have a regular camera with a variable aperture, a wide-angle lens for amazing landscape photos, then a 3rd telephoto zoom lens. The ability to get a different perspective at any moment, yet still take amazing photos, makes the Note 10 worth buying.

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