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Destiny 2 Expansion Pass: 3 Reasons to Buy, 2 Reasons to Wait



Buy The Destiny 2 Expansion Pass If You Want More Story

Buy The Destiny 2 Expansion Pass If You Want More Story

Bungie promised a more cinematic story experience for Destiny 2 and the studio delivered. Buy the Destiny 2 Expansion Pass if you want new chapters added to that story.

Once you finish the game’s story, the only way to get more information about what’s happening in the world of Destiny 2 is the Destiny 2 Expansion Pass. The game gets free upgrades, but updates won't advance the game’s narrative in any way.

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Right now, we know that Curse of Osiris, the first major update to Destiny, takes players to Mercury. They encounter the Vex and rescue Osiris from danger there. It’s the first hint of what happens to Earth and her Guardians after they regain their powers, destroy the Red Legion and take back the Tower.

As the Destiny 2 Expansion Pass includes access to two expansions, it’s very likely that the $34.99 you pay will unlock two major story updates by the summer of 2018. That’s at least two opportunities to dive back into the world of Destiny before Bungie releases another game.

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