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Easter Games: 6 Fun Easter Apps for 2017



Easter games and Easter iPad apps are a great way to pass the time on a road trip or to entertain kids that are over for the holidays away from their regular collection of toys.

The most popular Easter games are Easter Egg hunts, which you can’t plan with an iPad, but we found a few fun iPad apps that let you play easter games on your tablet or phone.

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There are not a lot of Easter games for the iPad or iPhone, but we’ve tracked down several apps that are easy to get started and a few that add more challenge to the game as you get going.

Use these fun Easter apps and Easter egg games to pass time on a road trip or waiting for the real Easter egg hunt to start.

Use these fun Easter apps and Easter egg games to pass time on a road trip or waiting for the real Easter egg hunt to start.

Most of these games feature an Easter Bunny, but there are also a few that are just fun games involving Easter Eggs that will satisfy kids when there’s not time to clean up after dying eggs or the weather is too bad for an outdoor Easter egg hunt.

You can use this guide to control what your kid does with in-app purchases on iPhone or iPad. Most of these Easter games are free, and the ones that offer in-app purchases include options to play for free. There are some paid options that you need to spend up to $1.99 on, but those are worth the price based on reviews.

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All of these Easter games work on the iPad, and some will work on the iPhone. The bigger screen is better for many of these games, especially for younger users that may have trouble hitting the buttons on an iPhone.

Easter Egg Games

Easter Egg Games

Easter Egg Games is a free app that lets you match eggs and unlock gummy bunnies. This is a kids game that is similar to Candy Crush and other match to clear the board games. 

Easter eggs in bright colors cover the screen and you can move them around to create matches that clear a section of the board. There are 300 levels and options to challenge friends' high scores using Game Center. 

You can buy more moves in the game for 99 cents, but you can also use the game free without paying for it. 

Download Easter Egg Games on iPhone and iPad.



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  3. Santi

    04/15/2017 at 6:12 am

    A game called Easter Egg Peg also came out this month for iOS :-)

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