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9 Exciting Things the 2017 Surface Pro Can Do



Replace Your Tablet

Replace Your Tablet

The 2017 Surface Pro is just as good a tablet PC as it is a notebook PC. That’s thanks to touch-friendly apps in the Windows Store and a Tablet Mode that Microsoft continues to improve on. That the Surface Pro finally lasts as long away from a charger and runs as quietly as a tablet does certainly doesn’t hurt either.

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Tablet Mode is short-hand for all Windows 10’s touch controls and interactions. Flip this switch and the Start Menu becomes the Start Screen. That makes Live Tiles easier to tap on with your finger. Flicking your finger from the edges of the Surface Pro’s screen opens Action Center, Task View or hides the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen. You can open two apps or programs side by side.

Tablet Mode turns itself off the moment you connect a Type Cover back to your Windows 10 PC.

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There’s nothing more annoying than having a fan turning on as you’re trying to read a book or watch a movie. When choosing a Surface Pro 4, you had to sacrifice performance for silence. That’s not a sacrifice you have to make these days. Both the Core m3 and Core i5 2017 Surface Pro models lack fans. You will never have a moment ruined by the whir of a fan ever, just like on an iPad Pro.

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