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9 Exciting Things the 2017 Surface Pro Can Do



Play Games Over Xbox Live

Play Games Over Xbox Live

Your 2017 Surface Pro is an Xbox. If you’re really dedicated to enjoying your favorite games on the go, don’t hesitate to use it as one.

The Microsoft Store is stocked full of PC games. Yes, some of these are simple arcade titles, but many of the exclusive Xbox One games released in the last two years are also available there. Through a program called Xbox Play Anywhere, many of them connect to Microsoft’s servers for multiplayer and sync your progress from and to an Xbox One – if you have one. In fact, any Xbox Play Anywhere game you buy through the Microsoft Store instantly unlocks another version for your Xbox One or PC.

Once you’ve got the game downloaded, you need the traditional Xbox experience. The official Xbox app that comes installed on the 2017 Surface Pro. The app has a feed of everything happening with your friends on Xbox Live. If you’re feeling social, send a message or join a party and voice chat with them. Open any game and you can take screenshots and record video clips of your favorite moments.

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Connect your Xbox Controller through Bluetooth or buy the Xbox Wireless Adapter and play the games you downloaded from the Windows Store the way you’re familiar with.

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