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Facebook Wants to Help You Find New Romances & Bromances



Not content with stealing Snapchat features for Messenger and Instagram, Facebook is about to swipe right on Tinder and help you find your next hook up or plan your next guys weekend.

Facebook already knows your friends, friends of friends and basically everything you like. The company is testing a new service that will help you find someone to hang out with, go on a date with or play games with. Of course if this takes off we could see Facebook add a service like Tinder Gold to monetize it.

Just like with Tinder, you only get connected if both parties are interested in the service. On Tinder if you like someone, you can’t start chatting until they like you as well. Facebook states they won’t let the other person know unless you both say you are interested in it.

Facebook is testing a new service to help you find dates and meet up with Facebook friends.

Facebook is testing a new service to help you find dates and meet up with Facebook friends.

AskMen outlines that this will only work with your friends, so there’s less reach than on a service like Tinder where you can match with anyone local. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see friends of friends included in this list, which would help expand the pool of people you can meet up with on Facebook. A Facebook representative told the publication, “People often use Facebook to make plans with their friends. So, we’re running a very small test in the Facebook app to make that easier. We look forward to hearing people’s feedback.”

The service is in testing in Toronto and New Zealand and it uses Facebook to make the connection and then allows people to chat on Messenger to firm up the plans. The service will suggest people that you should meet up with in real life, likely based on your Facebook activity. We’ve met a ton of great friends on Facebook first, and in the real world second. A Facebook Meetup service that suggests this, taking the first step for you, and not letting the other person know you want to meet up until you both agree could facilitate ore friendships outside of Facebook.

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