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Tinder Gold: What You Need to Know About the Tinder Upgrade



A new Tinder update is available now for everyone, which includes access to Tinder Gold. This is the biggest Tinder upgrade since the Super Like and it’s something that many Tinder users will want to check out in their search of a date, a soulmate, Mrs. Right or even Mr. Right Now.

There are several features that are a part of Tinder Gold, and at $14.99 a month you would expect to get more out of the service than most users. The biggest Tinder Gold feature is that you can see who likes you without swiping. This peak into users who like you, allows you to quickly see anyone who likes you and then match with them.

Tinder calls this your, “personal Swipe Right concierge—available 24/7,” which will bring all of your matches directly to your attention. Here’s how Tinder Gold works, and what else you get with it.

What Do You Get With Tinder Gold?

With Tinder Gold, you see who likes you, without the need to like them back.

With Tinder Gold, you see who likes you, without the need to like them back.

Tinder Gold is $14.99 a month and includes several features from Tinder Plus, as well as a new feature that shows you who likes you without you needing to swipe on them. This is billed as a tool for busy users who want to quickly find matches without swiping right on dozens of profiles. In addition to seeing who likes you, Tinder Gold includes;

  • Passport – change your Tinder location.
  • Rewind – Go back if you accidentally swipe left.
  • Unlimited Likes
  • 5 Super Likes per day
  • 1 Boost per month
  • more profile controls

The Tinder Super Like can help you get noticed when you like someone on Tinder. The company shares that you are 3X more likely to match with someone you Super Like and conversations that start with Super like last 70% longer.

The Tinder Boost will push your profile closer to the top of potential matches swiping queue for 30 minutes when you use it. Think of it like the ads you see in search results or on Facebook, but your potential matches won’t know you are using Tinder Boost. According to Tinder, the busiest time is 9PM, and the usage drops dramatically after 10 PM, so you may want to use that Tinder Boost around 9 PM.

How Does Tinder Gold Work?

In addition to the Your Likes section, you also see if someone likes you on their profile.

In addition to the Your Likes section, you also see if someone likes you on their profile.

Once you subscribe to Tinder Gold, you can see how many likes you have waiting for you when you are on your messages screen. In addition to New Matches, you will see a gold heart with three lines that shows how many likes you have since you last used Tinder.

Tap on this and you will see the Likes You grid in your app. This is where you can then auto match, dismiss or tap to open a profile of someone you want to match with. When you are swiping around normally on Tinder, you will see the super like icon next to a user’s name and age to let you know they already swiped right on you.

When is Tinder Gold Android Coming?

After a long period of testing in several countries, Tinder Gold is available for all iPhone users now, but it isn’t rolled out on Android. The company is planning to bring Tinder Gold to Android, but you will need to wait a little while.

In late August they stated that the Tinder Gold Android release date is coming next month, so you can expect to see this feature arrive on your Android smartphone in September.

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