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New Galaxy Note 5 Release Details: Verizon, MicroSD & More



A slew of new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release details have emerged including new information about the Verizon Galaxy Note 5 release date.

For several weeks now, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors have been teasing consumers in the United States and around the world. Samsung hasn’t confirmed the Galaxy Note 5 outright just yet but thanks to these rumors, we have a pretty good idea about what to expect from the Galaxy Note 5 release date, specs, and more.

Several days ago, Samsung sent out media invites for an Unpacked launch event in New York City on August 13th. The company hasn’t confirmed what it will be launching there but we know that the company saves Unpacked events for huge product launches.

Galaxy Note 5 launch date rumors have aligned with Samsung’s upcoming launch date and there’s a good chance that we’ll see the Galaxy Note 5, a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, a new Gear A smartwatch, and perhaps a new Galaxy tablet launch at the show.

Of these, the Galaxy Note 5 has the biggest presence. In the past two days alone we’ve seen several new and exciting pieces of information emerge and today we want to share the most important Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release details that’ve emerged in the past few days.

These details include new information about the U.S. Galaxy Note 5 release date, important information about the Galaxy Note 5’s supposed microSD card slot, and a Samsung teaser that all but confirms one of the flagship’s upcoming specifications.

Galaxy Note 5 Launch Date

Samsung still hasn’t said what it will be announcing at its Unpacked launch event on August 13th but thanks to a mountain of evidence, some of it from Samsung itself, we know that the company is planning to announce multiple products at the event.

In the past two days, we’ve seen Samsung and one of its carrier partners all but confirm the event as the Galaxy Note 5 launch date. Taiwan Mobile recently posted a teaser on its website that shows a thin Galaxy Note with an S Pen. The Galaxy Note 5 is rumored to be around 7.9mm thin. By comparison the Galaxy Note 4 is 8.5mm thin.

Note-5-1 11.44.48 AM

Samsung Philippines has also been extremely active as of late. The company recently posted a teaser that features three devices including a device that looks like a Galaxy Note 5 complete with an S Pen. The company has since pulled that teaser down in favor of something a little more bland.

Now, the company’s Unpacked teaser page simply states that the company is planning to make “Big Even Better.” This likely a reference to a new Galaxy Note.

Samsung’s Unpacked event kicks off at 11AM EST. Samsung will be hosting a live stream of the event allowing those not in attendance to follow along as the announcements unfold.

Verizon Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

Thanks to an FCC filing (and logic), we know that the Verizon Galaxy Note 5 is a real thing. As we’ve noted, the early FCC filing is a sign that the release date for Verizon could come early and new evidence suggests that retailers are starting early Verizon Galaxy Note 5 prep work.

Android Central has unearthed a document that shows the Verizon Galaxy Note 5 lurking in Costco’s inventory system. This confirms the phone’s existence and it also means that the retailer is starting to get its systems ready, a sign that the Verizon Galaxy Note 5 could be coming soon.


The document only lists a 16GB Verizon Galaxy Note 5 but rumors suggest that we’ll see the device emerge in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB form.

The Galaxy Note 5 release date is rumored for August 21st though it’s not clear exactly where the device might be landing.

Galaxy Note 5 MicroSD Slot

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design is expected to shun a microSD card slot in favor of a premium design. New evidence, however, suggests that at least one version of the Galaxy Note 5 might come with expandable storage.


According to Taiwanese media, the dual-SIM version of the Galaxy Note 5 could come with microSD card support. It appears that the device will come with a setup that’s similar to the company’s Galaxy A series of phones that allows users to use a microSD card instead of a second SIM card.

It’s not clear where the Galaxy Note 5 dual-SIM model will land though it’s not expected to hit any carriers in the United States.

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors have hinted at a big change to the device’s S Pen stylus. We’ve heard that the device will look, and feel, more like a real pen. This hasn’t been confirmed yet but thanks to a teaser on Samsung’s website, it looks like the Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen will be different from last year’s.

The company continues to promote its Note series of devices on its website in the buildup to its Unpacked event. Today, the company has outlined the maturation of the S Pen stylus that the company bundles with the Galaxy Note series.


At the end, Samsung offers a teaser about the future and some have interpreted this to mean that the company will be introducing a new and improved S Pen with the Galaxy Note 5. Just like rumors suggest.


Alleged photos of the Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen back up this assertion and it looks like the company’s stylus will take another jump in 2015.

Galaxy Note 5 Accessories

And finally, the Galaxy Note 5 release wouldn’t be complete without a ton of accessories. We’ve already seen Spigen start taking pre-orders for its Galaxy Note 5 cases and today, a new Galaxy Note 5 case has joined the fold ahead of launch.


Urban Armor has introduced its own line of Galaxy Note 5 cases ahead of time and those that are fine with pre-ordering accessories for unannounced devices can go ahead and put in an order right now. The company says that its cases will start shipping on August 18th, just a few days before the Galaxy Note 5 is supposed to arrive.

10 Exciting Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Details

Galaxy Note 5 Launch Date & Live Stream

Galaxy Note 5 Launch Date & Live Stream

First we, and many others, are extremely excited about the fact that the Galaxy Note 5 launch date is expected to take place next week. This is much earlier than usual. 

Samsung hasn't called out the device by name just yet but thanks to numerous teasers, including this one from Samsung Philippines, we know that the Galaxy Note 5 is on tap for Samsung's Unpacked launch event on August 13th in New York City. 

Even better, Samsung is going to be hosting a live stream of the event which means that you'll be able to follow all of the announcements even if you aren't able to make it out to New York to catch the company's huge announcements. 

If you're looking for a new phone, be it the Galaxy Note 5 or something else, this is a date that you should be excited about. This will likely be Samsung's last big event of the year and it should play host to at least three new devices, maybe more.

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