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Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S9+: What Buyers Need to Know



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Galaxy Note 9 Release Date & Price

Galaxy Note 9 Release Date & Price

In closing, this is going to be one expensive phone when you pick one up in a few weeks. 

Samsung officially announced the new Note 9 on August 9th in New York City, and it's available for pre-order as we speak. Here are the best deals around

Thanks to a bigger screen, huge battery, double the storage and a better S-Pen, Samsung wants $999 for the Galaxy Note 9. Yes, 1,000 bucks. Or, you can get the 512GB model for a mind-boggling $1,249. 

As a comparison, the Galaxy S9+ arrived in March and costs $839 from Samsung. You can pay a little more or a little less depending on which carrier you get it from. Is the Galaxy Note 9 changes or "side-grades" worth the probable $160+ increase in the price? That's up to you and what you need. To ease the pain those who pre-order will get free headphones, Fortnite exclusive V-Bucks and more. 

While that is a huge price to pay, it's arguably the best Samsung phone yet. At that price, I'd wait for the Galaxy S10, but that's just me. At the same time, you get a LOT more phone for the same price Apple wants for the iPhone X. 

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