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Galaxy S10 5G Pre-Orders: Tips & Tricks



You Need Important Info to Pre-Order

You Need Important Info to Pre-Order

Buying the Galaxy S10 5G requires more than a credit card number. You'll need some very specific information on hand so make sure you have that handy when you go to pre-order. 

You'll need your carrier login information ready. That includes the user name and password for the account you'll be using to buy the device. If you aren't the primary account holder, you'll need to get the information from the person in charge. 

Make sure you have your Social Security Number (or the account holder's SSN) and the account billing information ready to go.

Verizon will likely require you to ship your order to the primary billing address so if that's not your current shipping address, make sure you address that now otherwise you won't be able to proceed. 

If you plan on buying the device in a store, you'll need this information as well. You also might need the primary account holder to authorize you to make the purchase.

If you don't normally shop at Verizon, your purchase might get flagged as fraud. If you don't normally buy expensive items on the card you'll be using, it could also get flagged due to the device's hefty price tag.

This matters more if you plan to buy the device without a contract, but it's an issue that can affect anyone, not just those incurring the largest upfront cost. 

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