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Galaxy S10 vs LG G8: Which One to Buy?



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Release Date & Pricing

Release Date & Pricing

The biggest reasons to choose one over the other are the release date and price. Or, you might go with the G8 instead of the expensive Galaxy S10. 

Samsung's all-new Galaxy S10 and S10+ are available right now

The LG G8 will be released on April 11th

LG announced its new phones back in February but took a while to finally deliver it to buyers. Most carriers and retail stores will finally have the LG G8 on April 11th. 

  • Galaxy S10e – $749
  • Regular Galaxy S10 – $899
  • Galaxy S10 Plus – $999 or more for higher storage
  • LG G8 – $819 (roughly)

As you can see, these are pricey phones that actually cost more than the Galaxy S9 and S9+ from last year. 

The LG G8 will cost around $819 depending on where you buy it, carrier deals, discounts, or trade-in promotions. So while the LG G8 is similar to the Galaxy S10, it's cheaper. They each have pros and cons, like an in-display fingerprint sensor or better G8 speakers, and the price reflects that.

However, before the April 11th launch date we're already seeing T-Mobile offer discounts making the G8 cost around $619, and Verizon is offering some crazy promotions as well. Basically, the LG G8 is cheaper and will likely always be on sale to some degree and available at a lower price than Samsung's main competition.


That's just about everything we know so far, right now, and we'll continuously update this post as we learn more. Are all the advancements and crazy new features worth paying for, or will go with the G8 instead?

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