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Galaxy S10 vs LG G8: Which One to Buy?



Galaxy S10 vs LG G8: Design & Notch

You'll have to ask yourself how big of a phone do you want, and whether or not you like the notch on the top of the LG G8. Some people absolutely hate the notch, while others don't mind it at all. It's your personal preference that matters here. 

Samsung cut a small circle (hole) in the screen itself and put the front-facing camera inside the screen. And, unfortunately, they added two front cameras to the Galaxy S10+ so it has a bigger cutout in the screen. Almost the size of a notch. Still, it's better than a notch if you ask me. 

LG, on the other hand, didn't even try to remove the notch. Instead, it looks identical to the iPhone X and the LG G7 from last year.  They added some fancy new technology in that notch, which makes it more understandable that they kept it, but it's still something potential buyers will need to consider. 

In 2018 almost everyone added a notch like Apple, but they didn't add the powerful cameras to that notch. They just did it to do it. With the LG G8, LG Electronics actually has some powerful new Time of Flight camera sensors, technology that can offer the same FaceID as Apple, and a new gesture control system where those cameras in the notch can read your palm for hands-free control of your phone -- like when you're cooking or your hands are dirty. 

Aside from the notch, both phones have a premium metal and glass design, multiple cameras on the back, and more. A bit thing of note here, Samsung has an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner INSIDE the screen. While LG just threw it on the back again, like we've seen for years. 

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