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Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs Galaxy Note 10+: Which One to Buy?



The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of Samsung’s biggest and best phones to date, but with the new Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra here, potential buyers are probably trying to decide what to do and which one to buy.

In this Galaxy S20+ vs Galaxy Note 10 comparison we’ll go over all the details and tell you what you need to know, that way you’ll have a better idea of what to expect and which one is the right phone for you.

With two different Galaxy Note 10 sizes and three Galaxy S20 models you have lots of options, screen sizes to choose from and decisions to make. Here’s how it all breaks down.

Galaxy S20+ vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus Specs

Galaxy S20+Galaxy Note 10+
Screen Size6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED
Screen Resolution3200 x 1440 & 120Hz3040 x 1440 & Only 60Hz
Storage & RAM128/256GB & 12GB RAM256GB & 12GB RAM
ProcessorSnapdragon 865 or Samsung Exynos 995Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9825
Cameras12MP main, 64MP telephoto, 12MP ultra-wide lens, ToF12MP main, 12MP telephoto, 16MP ultra wide-angle lens
Front Camera10 Megapixel10 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 10 (One UI 2.0)Android 10 (One UI 2.0)
Battery Size4,500 mAh4,300 mAh
Charging & Wireless Charging25w Fast Charge & Fast Wireless Charging45w Fast Charging & Fast Wireless Charging
Fingerprint SensorUltrasonic In-Display SensorOlder Ultrasonic In-Display Sensor
MicroSD ExpansionYesYes
Other DetailsUSB Type-C, WiFi 6, 5G, Stereo Sound, IP68 Water ResistantUSB Type-C, WiFi 6, Stereo Sound, IP68, No headphone jack
PriceLaunched at $1,199Launched at $1,099

As you can see from our table chart above, the Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy Note 10+ from 2019 are actually pretty similar in several ways. However, they’re very different in several other ways, and that’s before we even mention the big Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung added a bigger screen, newer internals, improved the cameras and threw in a bigger battery which makes the Galax S series comparable or better than the Galaxy Note for the first time ever.

If you already have a Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ there are likely not very many reasons to upgrade, but for someone with an older device trying to decide between the two, here’s what is important. They are both huge but the Galaxy S20+ is a little smaller. The Galaxy S20+ has new camera tech, works with 5G, and is upgraded in several areas the Note 10 simply can’t match. This also means the Galaxy Note 11 (Note 20) will likely be a beast of a phone, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The Galaxy S20+ has a 6.7-inch screen compared to 6.8-inches on the Galaxy Note 10+. Then, there’s an even bigger 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G that’s insanely huge and powerful. Buyers definitely have choices here in 2020.

Overall these are two powerful and capable phones, so you’ll have to decide if a bigger screen and a stylus are important, or if you want newer cameras and 5G. If you’re coming from something older like an S8+ or the Galaxy Note 9 it’s definitely worth the switch. Keep reading as we break down the important categories that separate these two devices from one another.

Galaxy S20+ vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Display & Design

These two phones are very similar but one area that is very different even though it’s hard to tell by the stat sheet is the screen. The Galaxy S20 uses Samsung’s newest 120Hz refresh rate screens. This means the phone refreshes everything on the screen 120 times a second, twice as often as the 60Hz screen on the Galaxy Note 10 and older phones. Making everything from apps, games and the entire operating system seem faster, smooth, and more enjoyable. It also has a higher touch response rate.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20+: 6.7-inch, 120Hz, 3200 x 1440 Quad-HD AMOLED
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: 6.8-inch, 60Hz, 3140 x 1440 Quad-HD AMOLED

The resolution is a little higher also, as the Galaxy S20+ is taller and skinner, but that isn’t something most owners will notice. What you will notice though, is that 120Hz refresh and 240Hz touch response upgrade, not to mention the smaller front-facing camera hole.

Like the Galaxy S10 and Note 10, The Galaxy S20+ still has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor inside the screen, which works ok. For those coming from an older phone, this is a sensor under the screen, which reads your fingerprint through the display, which is why the Note 10 or S20 both don’t have a fingerprint scanner on the back.

The Galaxy Note 10+ has an older ultrasonic sensor that only works in one spot, and was probably my least favorite aspect of the phone. We’re hoping this new one is faster and far more accurate.

And finally, another aspect of the design you’ll probably be happy to hear is the screen isn’t as curved as the Galaxy Note 10 and almost flat. This should help with durability and accidental screen touches, especially on a device this big where you’re constantly stretching to reach icons and such.

Galaxy S20+ vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Cameras

Next, we want to mention the camera upgrades you’ll get on the Galaxy S20+ if you choose it over the older Galaxy Note 10+. The cameras on Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 is the biggest upgrade we’ve seen from Samsung in several years. You’ll want these cameras.

Even though the “megapixel” numbers don’t look much different, the Galaxy S20 sensors are vastly improved.

  • Galaxy S20+: 12MP main, 64MP 3-30x telephoto, 12MP ultra-wide lens, ToF (Main sensor is a bigger 1.8um) bigger is better
  • Galaxy Note 10+: 12MP main, 12MP 2x telephoto, 16MP ultra-wide lens (Main sensor is 1.4um in size)

Samsung is using an upgraded yet similar main camera as previous models, which takes great photos already. Then, they’ve updated the telephoto camera from 12 to 64MP with a 3x zoom, which works great. Imagine being able to zoom way in for a photo without it getting blurry and looking awful. In fact, this new 64MP camera can take 8K video and let you snap 33MP photos from a video file.

There’s even a new 100x “space-zoom” on the Galaxy S20 Ultra if you can afford that even bigger model. Both of these phones have great cameras and take amazing photos, but the newer model will obviously be better.

Battery Life & Charging

The Galaxy Note 10+ was Samsung’s first phone in years that had an upgrade to the charging speed, which is an area most other manufacturers are way better than Samsung. Thankfully, the new Galaxy S20+ has a huge battery and super-fast charging for when it does get low. This will make a huge difference in day-to-day usage.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20+: 4500 mAh (25w fast wired charging, fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging)
  • Galaxy Note 10+: 4100 mAh (25-45w fast wired charging, fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging)

We won’t know more about battery life until the phones arrive and we see how much impact the big screens, 120Hz display, and 5G have. Either way, the new Galaxy S20+ will recharge super fast, and likely go from 0-100% in about 75-80 minutes, which is pretty awesome. Plus the battery is a decent chunk bigger than the Note 10 Plus.

Release Date & Price

And finally, we want to talk about the release date and pricing for these phones. You can go and buy a Galaxy Note 10+ right now from any carrier or retail store. It’s readily available, a solid phone, and a very similar overall experience. Or, you can wait a little while for the Galaxy S20+ which is similar but better on a few important fronts, like the cameras and screen, but still very expensive.

As we said earlier, the Galaxy S20 release date is confirmed for March 6th. You can pre-order starting February 21st and enjoy the phone soon enough. Here’s how expensive these phones are, which is crazy.

  • Galaxy S20: $999
  • Galaxy S20+: $1,199
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra: $1,399

As a comparison, the Galaxy Note 10+ is $1,099 so you’ll actually be spending $100 more for the slightly smaller yet improved Galaxy S20 Plus. It’s an odd pricing strategy by Samsung, and hopefully these prices drop later this year. Either way, these are expensive smartphones. One thing to consider is we’re seeing price cuts where you can get the Note 10+ for around $899, making it an excellent choice. So if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, consider that.

Final Thoughts

The Galaxy S20+ is a great phone that buyers will enjoy. And while it’s not a huge upgrade over the Galaxy Note 10, there is a lot of new stuff in the most important of areas. Buyers simply need to decide what they want, what aspects are the most important, and if they want or even care about the S-Pen stylus with the Galaxy Note 10.

Once you know that, then choose which phone you want and the screen size that fits your needs considering both the Note 10 and Galaxy S20 have different sizes available. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy with either of these phones.

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