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Galaxy S8 Performance Mode: What to Know



While setting up your new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ you probably saw something called Performance Mode. This is one of many neat new tools and power management options on the phone. For those wondering what it is, how it works, or what to expect, we have all the details.

The Galaxy S8 is filled with new features and customization. So much in fact that it’s easy for users to get overwhelmed by all of the options and settings. We’d recommend changing these 10 settings first, then move on to advanced controls like the Galaxy S8 performance mode.

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With the latest Android Nougat release Samsung and Google made lots of changes. From battery optimization, improved multi-tasking to getting the best performance as possible. For those interested, read on to learn all about this feature.

Galaxy S8 Fingerprint sensors and cameras on back of phone

Those with the Galaxy S8 can choose between four different modes. Which are aimed at saving battery life, balancing everything, or getting the best performance. Additionally, there’s an entertainment mode, for highest resolution video and improved sound. Owners can find these option listed under “Device Maintenance” in the settings menu.

Galaxy S8 Performance Modes

  • Optimized: Balance battery life, screen resolution and more for everyday use
  • Game: Enhances your gaming experience by making games run more smoothly
  • Entertainment: Enjoy music & videos with ultra high quality sound and enhanced images
  • High Performance: Experience the highest quality display and performance settings

Selecting some of these may change the display resolution, and potentially re-order icons on the home screen.

What to Expect

What does these modes actually do? Each selection will optimize the device for the best overall experience and battery life for any given situation. Similar to boost modes on a computer, but without overclocking the processor.

Each mode changes the screen resolution, brightness, and other things for the best experience. Although it doesn’t appear to be drastic changes. Owners will mainly notice an increase brightness by 10% (from where it currently is at) for a better viewing experience. Not to mention the screen resolution from 1080p to Quad HD and more.

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Games will run better and be more smooth running at 1080p than Quad-HD. So while these performance modes won’t necessarily increase the devices actual speed, there can be a noticeable difference in some scenarios. That said, the Galaxy S8 is one of the most powerful phones on the market. Meaning it doesn’t really need help in running games or apps smoothly.

How to Change Galaxy S8 Performance Modes

So now that you know what to expect, lets give them a try. A few taps in settings will have our phones running more efficient, the screen brighter with better audio, and more. Here’s how to change modes.


  • Head into Settings from the app tray, or pulldown bar
  • Navigate to and select Device Maintenance 
  • Before or during its scan select the Performance Mode tachometer icon
  • Now just Select the Performance Mode you’d like
  • Users can also customize each mode individually to fit their needs

After each selection a pop-up will appear with additional information or customization. This will explain the changes, and allow owners to further adjust them to their liking. Next just hit Apply, wait a few seconds for it to finish and you’re all set.

Speed Up Your Galaxy S8

While these modes can make a noticeable improvement, they aren’t as major or drastic as one would expect. Instead, we have another quick trick that will actually make your phone feel faster.

Check out this guide to learn how to make your Galaxy S8 or S8+ faster in a matter of seconds. It’s for the S7, but the same steps apply. You’ll need to enable developer options, then go in and change a few settings for optimal performance when it comes to daily use. But these will be extremely noticeable.

Combine this with the Galaxy S8 performance mode, and the phone will be butter smooth and fast. And while none of this is technically needed, some love to push their device to the limits, and these are a few ways to do exactly that. Give them a try today, and drop a comment below with any questions or concerns.

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