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Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S6: What We Know So Far



Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S6: Design

Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S6: Design

Next up is the design, which will be the biggest change over the past few years, all while looking and feeling familiar at the same time. The Galaxy S8 with its all glass and metal frame, curved back and sleek design all comes from the Galaxy S6. That was the year Samsung overhauled the premium design, and it's here to stay. 

Compared to the Galaxy S6 owners won't notice too much different. Well, aside from the home button and fingerprint scanner no longer on the front. Instead, it's around back next to the camera. It's an odd placement, but should be easy to reach and most will quickly adjust. Also, that camera hump on back is much smaller, almost flush with the phone, instead of a huge bulge like we saw on the S6. 

Buyers can expect a very similar premium all metal and glass design. Both the front and back will be curved, for a more ergonomical grip. It may be slippery though, so keep that in mind. The bezels are small, the camera is big, and the front camera will be better too. Users can also look forward to an Iris Eye scanner up front, which can be used instead of the fingerprint scanner if you'd like. You won't notice it, but the design changed on the inside too. The phone will be IP68 dust and water resistant. Meaning it can go under more than 5ft of water for over 30 minutes and work just fine. The Galaxy S6 has no water-resistant capabilities. 

The only other major design change appears to be a USB Type-C port on bottom, not micro-USB. Some rumors say Samsung will ditch the headphone jack, but new reports believe it will remain for at least one more year to keep customers happy. We did hear news of dual speakers, but that's yet to be confirmed. All said and done the Galaxy S8 will look and feel very similar to the Galaxy S6, just improved and more sleek throughout. 

Oh, and it has a microSD slot for storage expansion. Something all Galaxy S6 owners have been frustrated by. Samsung doubled the storage to 64GB and added an SD slot. Perfect, right?

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