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Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S6: What We Know So Far



Camera & Battery Life

Camera & Battery Life

We briefly mentioned both a moment ago, but feel a little more information will go a long ways. Samsung has always offered a good camera experience. The Galaxy S6 had a fast 16 megapixel camera that took 4k video. 

Last year the company took things up a notch and had a camera so good it even beat the iPhone in most tests. We're expecting that trend to continue this year. 

The Galaxy S8 is likely using an improved sensor similar to the Galaxy S7. Meaning a 12 DualPixel lens that uses all of the megapixels for one of the fastest auto-focus systems on the market. Which makes taking great photos, quickly, easy every single time. Those bigger pixels capture more light for better photos, especially in low light conditions. The optical image stabilization and fast auto-focus will be a world of difference for those who upgrade. 

Oh, and battery life. The Galaxy S6 had some of the worst battery life of any Samsung phone released. The little 2,550 mAh battery wasn't enough. This year the phone will recharge nearly 50% faster, last longer, and everything about the phone is more efficient to make it run all day on a single charge. From an efficient processor, new display tech, always-on display so we're not waking the screen up constantly to check notifications, to Android Nougat. 

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