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8 Reasons to Wait for the Samsung Galaxy S9 & 4 Reasons Not To



Wait for New Colors

Wait for New Colors

Galaxy S8 rumors claimed that Samsung would launch a purple version of the popular flagship smartphone. Unfortunately, those rumors never materialized. 

The Galaxy S8 doesn't come in purple, but there's a chance Samsung trots out a purple version of the Galaxy S9 alongside more established colors like black, gold, and blue.

In fact, the purple Galaxy S9, called "Lilac Purple," has emerged ahead of the company's launch date later on this month.

There's also a chance Samsung adds gray and silver to the mix as well. New Galaxy S9 case renders appear to show the two colors in the wild.

If you aren't in love with your current color options, you might want to stick around and see what Samsung does with the Galaxy S9 design. 

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