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8 Reasons to Wait for the Samsung Galaxy S9 & 4 Reasons Not To



Don't Wait if You Want a Small Screen

Don't Wait if You Want a Small Screen

If you're hoping for a Galaxy S9 model with a small screen, there's no reason to wait around for Samsung's announcements. 

As of right now, the Galaxy S9 is rumored to have a 5.8-inch Quad-HD curved display. The Galaxy S9+ is expected to feature a 6.2-inch screen.

Even if those aren't exact, we expect the two devices to feature larger display sizes to satisfy demand. Most people want large displays for texting, video consumption, and gaming. 

If you're looking for a smaller display, you'll have to find it elsewhere. Android manufacturers still make phones with smaller display sizes and Apple's iPhone SE is an excellent Android alternative. 

Apple is also rumored to have a 4-inch iPhone SE 2 up it sleeve in 2018. 

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