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Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S7: What We Know So Far



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Galaxy S9 Release Date & Price

Galaxy S9 Release Date & Price

In closing, we need to talk about when it's coming and how much this will cost. You're probably just about to finish that 2-year contract on the Galaxy S7. If so, you're eligible for the Galaxy S9. Better yet, you can get it on a monthly payment plan and only spend about $29-$35 a month, instead of buying the entire phone at once. That way, it's manageable. 

But first, the Galaxy S9 will get announced on February 25th in Spain. That's only a few weeks away. Once that happens, we'll know everything we've said here for sure, without a doubt. Although we're pretty confident already. 

Most likely the phone will go up for pre-order within a few days, or instantly. Samsung's Galaxy S9 will be available to buy starting March 11th or March 16th. This, at least, is according to multiple sources. So you only have a month to wait before you can replace that aging Galaxy S7. 

So how much? Well, the Galaxy S8 was $750 and $850, but we're thinking it might cost a few dollars more than that. If I had to guess, I'd say $799 and $899 for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. 

Don't worry though, you can put the Galaxy S7 towards it, and pay monthly until you own the phone. Trust me, it'll be worth the investment. 

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