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Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S7: What We Know So Far



Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S7: Design

Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S7: Design

Another big change for the Galaxy S9 compared to the Galaxy S7 is the design. That's because the entire front of the phone is almost all screen. There's no room for the Samsung logo above the screen and no room for the fingerprint scanner below it. 

Instead, the front is one big, beautiful, crisp, HD display that's simply stunning. There's no room for the fingerprint scanner, so for the second time in like 8 years, Samsung moved the fingerprint scanner to the back. 

And if you saw the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S8 last year and hated it, sitting next to the camera, we have good news. With the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, Samsung put the fingerprint scanner in the middle of the phone and UNDER the camera. Making it easier to find and reach, and you won't accidentally get fingerprints all over the camera lens. 

This was the single biggest complaint about an otherwise amazing Galaxy S8. What this means, basically, is you'll absolutely love the Galaxy S9. You'll just have to spend a few days getting used to a rear fingerprint scanner. And I promise it's not that bad.

In closing, the design is still somewhat the same. Samsung is still using a premium all metal and glass design that's water-resistant and gives you wireless charging, and looks better than most phones on the market. You'll feel right at home going from the S7 to the S9.  

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