Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S8: Everything We Know So Far

The Samsung Galaxy S9 release date is less than two weeks away and that means buyers have a tough choice to make. Get the impressive Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, or wait for Samsung’s next big thing. With that in mind, here we’ll go over everything we know so far about the Galaxy S9 release, and how it compares to the Galaxy S8.

Recent leaks suggest Samsung’s new phone will have some important changes, even if the design is nearly the same as the Galaxy S8. Most notably, a stunning new camera unlike anything else. Buyers will simply have to decide if those changes are worth waiting for.

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From what we’re seeing these phones will have the same 5.8 and 6.2-inch screens as last year, which is why they’ll look the same. However, there are major changes to the camera, fingerprint scanner, face unlock and more. Changes worth getting excited about.

In 2017 Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. Both phones had big curved screens with small bezels, a sleek design, powerful cameras, and basically the same features throughout. This year though, rumors suggest the bigger Galaxy S9+ will have more to offer than the smaller S9. Meaning the choice could be even more difficult in 2018.

And while we don’t know everything quite yet, all signs are pointing to small but meaningful changes with the Galaxy S9 series. The biggest, however, is around the camera. Samsung is making major changes to the camera. Here’s a recent post from Samsung Italia, giving us our first official Galaxy S9 teaser video.

If you’re coming from a Galaxy S7 and debating which new Galaxy to buy, that’s where our slideshow will be helpful. We’ll go over everything that is changing, and what to expect from this world-class camera setup.

If you’re eligible for an upgrade and are trying to decide on what’s available now, or to wait, we’re here to help. That said, we wouldn’t recommend getting the Galaxy S7, or even the S8 right now. Not until we see what Samsung has in store next. With that in mind, we’ll go over everything the Galaxy S8 has to offer you. Then, explain what is changing on the Galaxy S9 so you can make the right decision.

Whether it’s a decision based on price or someone looking to upgrade, we have all the details. Check out the slideshow below full of helpful information, photos and more.

Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S8: Display & Design

Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S8: Display & Design

First up, we need to talk about the Galaxy S9 display and design. Mainly because these phones will look nearly identical to the Galaxy S8 from 2017. 

In fact, the only easily noticeable difference will be the fingerprint scanner on the back. Samsung moved it to the center and under the camera sensor, instead of to the right side of the phone. This makes it much easier to reach, easier to use, and just makes more sense. 

Otherwise, both phones have the same 5.8-inch or 6.2-inch curved quad-HD AMOLED display. Samsung has the best screens in the business, and we're expecting more class-leading screens in the Galaxy S9. It might get brighter than the S8, but we'll have to wait and see. 

Additionally, the little black bezel on the bottom of the phone, under the screen, will be slightly smaller on the Galaxy S9. Everything else is almost identical. So much actually, that early case leaks fit the Galaxy S8. Meaning Galaxy S8 cases might fit the Galaxy S9. 

Both the S8 and the upcoming S9 feature the same premium metal and glass design, water-resistance, wireless charging, 3.5mm headphone jack (yes please) and edge-to-edge screens. This will be more of an evolutionary upgrade than a revolutionary one. 

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