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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta: 5 Things to Know



If you want to try Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint weeks before its release date you can do so via the upcoming beta.

The Ghost Recon Breakpoint release date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC is set for October 3rd but if you don’t want to wait that long, you’ve got some options.

You can pre-order a copy of the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, or Collector’s Edition. If you buy one of these editions, you get three days early access to the final version of the game.

You can buy a copy of the game at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, the Microsoft Store, NewEgg, and the PlayStation Store.

Your other option is to join the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta. The beta gives players a chance to stress test and get familiar with the game’s mechanics before the final version arrives.

If you’re interested in playing the game early, here’s everything you need to know about the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta release date, consoles, signup, and more.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Release Date

Ubisoft’s confirmed the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta release date and it lands several weeks before the game’s release on October 3rd.

The Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta begins on September 5th and stretches until September 8th giving you several days to try out the game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Consoles

Ubisoft says the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta will launch on all three consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC). We don’t know if there will be any differences between the three betas.

How to Join the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta

The only way to get guaranteed access to the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta is through a pre-order. Anyone who pre-orders a copy of the game gets access to the beta.

If you don’t pre-order the game, you can still sign up to try the beta, but you aren’t guaranteed entry. It’s unclear how Ubisoft will select participants or how many will gain entry into the beta.

How to Sign Up for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta

If you don’t play to pre-order and want to try the beta, you’ll need to register.

First, you need to go to the Ghost Recon Breakpoint website. Once you’re there, follow these steps:

  • Select your platform and click on Register Now.
  • Sign into the Ubisoft Account you plan to use.
  • Once your Ubisoft account has been verified, you’ll see a message confirming your registration.

You can use the same site to check your beta status.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Content

As of right now we don’t know what will be included in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta. That said, based on previous betas, don’t expect the full version of the game.

You can expect only a portion of the game’s map, missions, and activities in the beta. And if the Breakpoint beta mirrors the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta, you should be able to play the game solo or team up with your friends.

There’s also a good chance Ubisoft rewards its beta testers with a unique item that can be used to customize their character.

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