6 Google Pixel 2 Features We Want in 2017
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6 Google Pixel 2 Features We Want in 2017



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Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand

Google's Pixel phones are 8 months old and it's still almost impossible to find one in stock. This has single-handedly been one of the biggest problems for every Google Nexus phone and the Pixel. Those who did want one, couldn't get it because it was sold out, out of stock, or just limited to one carrier like Verizon Wireless. 

The first 4-5 months of availability the Pixel XL with 128GB was essentially unavailable to buyers, which was the model everyone wanted. 

If Google can make most of the changes we've mentioned here today, fix the supply and demand issue and offer it on more carriers, the Pixel 2 will be a smashing success. At least in my opinion. Have enough to keep each device "in-stock" on the Google Store and a lot more Android users will end up with a Pixel 2 in their pocket. 

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  2. Larisa

    06/28/2017 at 7:42 am

    Pixel 2 will have a much improved camera, though it apparently won’t be all about megapixels and more about extra features instead. The Pixel is coming from a strong place for photography, unlike the previous Nexus handsets, so we hope that continues.

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