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Google Pixel Android 10 Update: 3 Things to Expect & 4 Not To



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Features We Can't Try Yet

Features We Can't Try Yet

And finally, we wanted to go over a list of features you still can't try or enable yet on select devices. Google announced some fun stuff, but some of them aren't in the final version of Android 10 or aren't available yet on specific devices. 

Here's what new that you can't try, at least not yet:

  • The faster “next-gen” Google Assistant
  • Incognito mode in Google Maps
  • Google Assistant’s new “Driving Mode”
  • Android 10 “Live Caption” stuff, which is incredible 
  • Digital Wellbeing features like, “Focus” mode and “Family Link,” or even the new "bonus time" controls. (These are in Android 10, finally)
  • Smart Replies (only work in select apps so far)
  • more

We'll update this list as we learn more, find more, or Google makes some announcements. 

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