Hatchimals Types: The 5 Different Species You Can Buy

Before rushing out to purchase a Hatchimal, you should be well versed in the Hatchimal types that exist. Not all Hatchimals are the same, and which one you get for your child could matter to them a great deal.

The different species of Hatchimals have unique physical characteristics. Each Hatchimal comes in a different shell, and one species may look more like a bird than another species does. Once they’ve broken through their shell, differences in how they behave will impact your child’s experience with the toy.



That we’re still talking about Hatchimals is surprising. Hatchimals were the surprise hit of the 2016 holiday shopping season back. Typically, whatever toy is hugely popular at the end of the year experiences a huge dip in popularity shortly after. Excitement for them never died down though. They’re still a popular toy because they make great digital pets for kids that aren’t ready to have a real pet that they need to feed and bathe.

The typical drop in interest hasn’t happened for Hatchimals yet. They’re still a popular toy because they make great digital pets for kids that aren’t ready to have a real pet they need to feed and bathe. Hatchimals are unpredictable, but you can turn them off when they become too much to handle or your child is no longer interested.

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Some Hatchimals are shy. Others Hatchimals are clumsy. The sounds that they make when being taken care of are different too. They all take their looks and sounds from two real animals.

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You can know what type of Hatchimal you’re holding before you but it. Whatever type is inside the egg is reflected in the two Hatchimals depicted on the front of the box. You won’t know which color Hatchimal is inside, but you’ll know exactly what type you’re getting. Make sure that your child doesn’t get ahold of their Hatchimal’s box or they could figure out which type they have.

Here’s your guide to all the different Hatchimal types that are out there today. We’ve also included information about where you can buy that specific Hatchimal type. Not all stores have all types of Hatchimals.

Hatchimals Types: Pengualas

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Hatchimals Types: Pengualas

A mix between a penguin and an iguana, these Hatchimals have both pink and green fur on their head and around their eyes.

They’re described as always happy, but also clumsy by the Hatchimals website. Their eggs come in two colors, purple with pink specks and purple with green specs. Any store that sells Hatchimals sells Pengualas.

Pengualas are not specific to any retailer. That means that you can purchase a Penguala for your child wherever Hatchimals are sold. Just be sure to check for the correctly colored egg markings when you make your purchase.

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