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How to Fix Bad Apple Watch & iPhone Battery Life

Common Apple Watch problems include bad Apple Watch battery life and bad iPhone battery life. For some users the Apple Watch causes the iPhone to go crazy and drain battery very fast. We’ll show you what to do to fix bad iPhone battery life after pairing with the Apple Watch.

Even though Apple Watch battery life is as big concern from many buyers it is not the biggest issue now. Many users report the Apple Watch battery life lasting well through a day, even with moderate use.

The Apple Watch can deliver bad iPhone battery life when the connectivity goes haywire or when the Apple Watch app causes problems and uses up battery life fast.

If your iPhone battery life is bad after you start to use the Apple Watch you need to check to see if you are impacted by this bug and then you can fix it in a few minutes.

Fix Bad Apple Watch & iPhone Battery Life

Learn how you can fix bad Apple Watch and iPhone battery life in minutes.
Learn how you can fix bad Apple Watch and iPhone battery life in minutes.

If you are experiencing this fast drain, you will know that your bad iPhone battery life is from the Apple Watch by looking at the usage options.

On the iPhone go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage and see if Usage and Standby are the same as they are in the tweet below.  If your iPhone is experiencing this issue, you will also likely see the Apple Watch App listed as the highest battery usage on your iPhone.

When this happens the iPhone is not able to switch from use to standby where battery saving happens. If you have this problem you can fix it without going to the Apple Store or calling support.

The solution to this problem is pretty straight forward. You need to restart the iPhone and restart the Apple Watch. Hold the power button on your iPhone and turn it off and then turn it back on.

On the Apple Watch hold the side button until the power off menu appears on-screen. Tap and slide the power off option from left to right to turn the watch off. When this completes you can hold the same side button to turn the Apple Watch on.

After you complete the restart of both devices the iPhone and Apple Watch should connect automatically. This should solve most iPhone battery life problems for Apple Watch users.

If the problems continue, you may need to re-pair the Apple Watch using the steps outlined in the video below. if you do this, set it up as a new Apple Watch instead of restoring from a backup to play it safe.

If all else fails, something may be wrong with your Apple Watch and you may need to take it to an Apple Store or call in for support. You cannot get a replacement at an Apple Store yet, so you will be without the Apple Watch for some time if you go this route.

Some users report that the Apple Watch actually improves the iPhone battery life because they no longer looking at the iPhone for every notification.

So far the iPhone battery life is very similar to the months we used it without an Apple Watch, but we are monitoring this situation on our Apple Watches and checking for other Apple Watch problems.

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Low Power Mode as a Watch

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Low Power Mode as a Watch

The Apple Watch is about more than notifications and apps. It can also tell you the time. If you need to make it last longer you can use Power Reserve Mode to show just the time.

The Apple Watch automatically goes into Power Reserve Mode if the battery is too low. You can also turn it on by holding the side button and then sliding the Power Reserve Option to the right.

When in Power Reserve Mode you can see the time on your Apple Watch by pressing the side button.


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