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How to Free Up Space on the Galaxy S7



In this guide we’ll show you how to free up space on the Galaxy S7. When your phone storage gets full it can be very frustrating. If you’re running out of space on your Galaxy things get slow, apps won’t install, and other problems arise. Here’s how to manage storage, and how to get some of it back.

Samsung’s phone has a lot to offer, including expandable storage, but after owning a device for a while storage starts to become an issue. Especially if you don’t have a micro-SD card.

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Thankfully Samsung has a few tools in place to help you manage your Galaxy S7 storage. These are “Smart Manager” or “Device Maintenance” and they’re available in the settings menu Samsung’s newest smartphones and tablets.

The Device Maintenance mode actually gives you tons of control over your smartphone. Displaying detailed information about the battery and battery usage, performance, storage, and memory usage. So while it has a lot to offer, we’ll focus on the storage aspects of it here today.Here we’ll show you how to use these tools, along with other ways to free up space at the same time.

How to Free Up Space on the Galaxy S7 with Device Maintenance

The first thing you’ll want to do is head to your settings menu and open the Device Maintenance tab. From here, each category breaks down into multiple layers for easy access and full controls.

  • Pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped settings icon, or find the Settings app in the application tray
  • Scroll down to and select Device Maintenance
  • Now, select the third icon labeled “Storage”

From here you see a full breakdown of the storage on your Galaxy S7. Everything from documents and downloads, images, audio, videos, and all of your apps. Each category displays how much storage is in use. Then, if you have a microSD card, you’ll see that at the bottom.

This tool included on every phone is the easiest way to free up space on the Galaxy S7. Starting with the instantly clean button, or heading into each category to finely control what’s on your phone.

As shown in our images here, at the very top you’ll see a big blue “Clean Now” button. This is a very basic cleaning, but an effective one. Samsung quickly frees up storage space by deleting unnecessary¬†files, data, cached info, thumbnails, advertisement files and video preview icons.

Tap Clean Now and wait for it to finish. You’ll easily get anywhere from 1-5GB of space back on your Galaxy S7, if not more. This depends on how you use your phone, but as you can see, we freed up over 1GB of space. Think about every update, app update, or video you watch. All of that gets temporarily saved on your phone. This simply erases all of that and cleans up your phone.

However, this isn’t your only option. Owners can then head into each sub-category for an even deeper cleaning. Tap on documents to view and delete any files or documents you downloaded and forgot about. See a list of video or audio files, and clean those too. You can even manage and uninstall apps from this menu.

Other Tips to Free Up Space

Of course, it goes without saying that there are several other ways to free up space on your phone. Whether that’s uninstalling apps you no longer use, to deleting unnecessary content. Most of us have Hundreds or thousands of photos, tons of videos, and thousands of text messages on our phones.

Go through your apps, delete old text messages, and transfer photos to a computer and delete them from your phone. Media like photos and video take up more space than anything, aside from apps you’ve installed. So keep that in mind if you’re running low on space.

Another excellent idea is to move any and all downloaded apps to a microSD card. This is really easy and can be done right on the device itself.

If you tried Samsung’s Device Maintenance mode above to get some storage space back, but you’re still having trouble, we have a few other ideas.

Apps to Free Up Space on Your Galaxy S7

We’ve put together a guide detailing the 5 Best Apps to Free Up Space on Android. These steps and apps apply to any and all smartphones and tablets.

If the tools we detailed above didn’t work, try one or even all five of the apps in our link above. Download popular cleaner tools like CCleaner or CleanMaster, or backup all your images with Google Photos.

At the end of the day, all it really takes is managing your photos or video, uninstalling old apps, and deleting things you no longer need. Taking a few minutes once every month or so to do a little maintenance goes a long ways on the Galaxy S7. That way you’re not just using your phone non-stop and running into problems head-on.

Would you rather run a few of these simple tools every few months, or have no space when you need it most? Like for photos during Christmas Holidays, or at a Birthday Party. By taking advantage of Samsung’s Device Maintenance mode and a few apps on the Google Play Store, you can get back plenty of storage space on your Galaxy S7.

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