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How to Hard Reset the iPhone 7



This is how to hard reset the iPhone 7, and is the fastest way to fix a frozen iPhone 7 or frozen iPhone 7 Plus.

When an app freezes or the iPhone 7 locks up you cannot press the home button. The new iPhone 7 home button is controlled by software, so when the iPhone 7 is stuck, the home button is useless.

You need to change how you fix a frozen iPhone when you upgrade to the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus. Thankfully it’s just as easy to do once you learn the new button combo.

How to Hard Reset the iPhone 7

Hold the volume down button and the power button for five seconds to hard reset the iPhone 7. Some users may call this a hard reboot or simply fixing a frozen iPhone 7.

When you hard reset the iPhone 7 the screen may look very weird for a second, but the iPhone should reboot to the Passcode screen in a minute or two.

An iPhone 7 hard reset using this method does not erase your photos, videos and content the way restoring to factory settings does. This is more of a forced reboot.

If you are working on an important document, email or editing a photo or video you should wait a few minutes to see if the iPhone starts responding. When you hard reset the iPhone 7 you can lose some data in the apps you just used. It’s rare that we lose any significant data from a hard reset like this.

Perform an iPhone 7 hard reset with the volume down and the power button.

Perform an iPhone 7 hard reset with the volume down and the power button.

There is always a chance that an iPhone 7 hard reset could result in your iPhone 7 not rebooting, but that is pretty rare in our experience.

If you find that your iPhone 7 freezes up very often and you need to do this more than just occasionally there may be something wrong with your iPhone 7 or with the iOS 10 software on your iPhone. When this happens you should attempt to restore your iPhone 7 and start from scratch or you should contact Apple to see if there is something wrong with your iPhone 7 while it is under warranty. At the most you should need to use this once a month.

In cases where the iPhone 7 always freezes when doing the same thing, it is worth uninstalling an offending app and re-installing it to see if that solves the problem.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alinta McMurdo

    02/12/2017 at 10:45 pm

    The problem is that the offending apps are apple software. It’s either test messages or safari that freeze my phone – at least once a day and apple won’t do anything about it.

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