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How to Reboot a Frozen LG G7 ThinQ



This guide explains how to reboot a frozen LG G7 ThinQ. If your phone is acting funny, frozen, or completely unresponsive, we’re here to help. The G7 is a fast and powerful phone but issues do occasionally surface. Follow our quick steps instead of taking it to a carrier store for help.

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A quick reboot fixes almost any minor LG G7 problem, but sometimes you can’t reboot your phone. And without a removable battery, there’s no clear way to restart your phone if it’s completely unresponsive. No matter the situation, our button combination below will get it working right in a matter of seconds.


Keep in mind that resetting (rebooting) your phone will not erase any data, or cause any problems, it simply forces the phone to reboot.

“If your phone stops responding or gets stuck on a screen, press and hold the Power and Volume down key for 8 seconds to restart the phone.”

Before you start, remember that the LG G7 has a dedicated power button on the right side of the phone. The fingerprint scanner isn’t a button this time around. So, push and hold down both the Power button and the Volume down keys simultaneously for 8 seconds, or until the phone vibrates and turns off. We typically just say hold them down for 8-10 seconds and you’re all set. This works even when the phone is completely frozen, or if the screen is black.

When you hold the buttons down long enough you’ll see the phone turn off, feel a vibrate, then it will restart and boot back up to full working order. LG then states, “For your protection, do not remove the battery from the phone”. You shouldn’t be able to open the back anyway, so this is just an extra cautionary warning that’ll pop up.

Again, no data will be lost or erased, although any apps or browser windows that were open will close. Some apps will lose progress, but that’s it.

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If nothing else is wrong your LG G7 will reboot and should work perfectly. It’s worth noting that the G7 may boot into a safe or “maintenance mode” if it was really frozen. If so, just follow the on-screen instructions and use the volume keys to scroll down to reboot. Then, tap the power button to select reboot and restart your phone. Now you can use your phone as intended.

Before we go, keep in mind that this same button combination works on most Android devices. It’s a universal hard reboot that fixes any major issues. Now that your phone is working again, get an LG G7 screen protector and keep it safe.

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