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How to Switch Back to the Old Instagram Feed Scrolling Now



Instagram rolled out a new side scrolling way to browse on December 27th. This is how to switch back to the old Instagram feed scrolling if you hate the new side scrolling feature that Instagram just rolled out.

When many users woke up this morning they saw the Instagram feed side scrolling instead of scrolling up and down. This is something Instagram has tested for some time, but this is the first widespread roll out.

Instagram stated that this was supposed to be a small test that “went broader than we anticipated.” Whether it was a real mistake or if Instagram is just rolling back due to the loads of backlash you can get back to the old feed quickly.

Now that Instagram pulled the side-scrolling feed, you will need to quit the app to get back to the old feed.

On the iPhone double tap the home button or swipe up if you don’t have a home button.

Then swipe up on the Instagram app to close Instagram. Now when you open the app it should be back to the old up and down scrolling.

If that doesn’t fix it, you will need to force quit the app another time or two. This will eventually fix the problem and get you back to the normal feed.

On Android phones, you should press the multitasking button and then swipe to close Instagram. Restart and see if the old scrolling is back. If not, try quitting the app again and then using it.

If neither of these work, you should try uninstalling Instagram and then reinstalling it, as that can solve many Instagram problems.

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