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How to Turn Off Galaxy S8 Auto Correct



In this quick guide we’ll show you how to turn off auto correct on the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. While you probably deal with a few different Galaxy S8 keyboard problems here and there, autocorrect is the most frustrating one. Here’s how to turn it off, or at least stop it from changing what you type.

We’re constantly seeing users complain about autocorrect. A feature where your Galaxy S8 will predict what you’re trying to type and fix words for you, often when you don’t want it to. Most users have a love/hate relationship with autocorrect.

As you use the Galaxy S8 keyboard it learns from you, your typing habits, and frequently used words. Then, over time, autocorrect becomes more accurate. However, you’re probably having issues with this too. If you’re trying to type words like “to/too”, “home” and “come”, but instead you get “top”, “hone”, and “cone”, you’re not alone.

Or, you’ll try to type a friend’s name like “Jim” but the Galaxy S8 autocorrect changes it to “him”. Frustrating, right? Here’s how to turn it off.


  • Open Settings in the app tray or notification pulldown bar
  • Find and select General Management
  • Now, tap on Language & input and choose on-screen keyboard
  • Select Samsung Keyboard (or whatever keyboard you use)
  • Next, tap on Smart Typing
  • Uncheck Predictive Text (aka autocorrect)

Once you’re in the general Samsung keyboard settings menu you’ll see a lot of different options. We want to get rid of autocorrect. It’s worth noting that there are two ways to fix your problem. One is to turn off autocorrect completely. However, you can also leave autocorrect active but disable the “auto-replace” feature, where it replaces what you type. That way you still get corrections and recommendations, but you choose when to use them or not.

Simply flip the Predictive Text On/Off toggle switch as shown above to OFF, and you’re all set. This completely turns off auto correct on the Galaxy S8.

Turn Off Auto-Replace on Galaxy S8

Once you get rid of autocorrect you might notice that you miss some of its suggestions or predictions. If so, we can keep it without it being so intrusive to the typing experience.

In keyboard settings, instead of flipping the Predictive Text on/off toggle switch, tap where it says Auto Replace. In here simply uncheck the auto-replace feature for the predictive text.

This way your Galaxy S8 will still predict words for you and fix mistakes, but it won’t automatically replace them. Which is often what frustrates users the most. It’s the best of both worlds if you ask me. Basically, this allows you to type how you want without the phone changing anything. However, you can still tap the suggestions above the keyboard for a fast and accurate typing experience.

We’re all done. While you’re here, take a peek at these other common Galaxy S8 problems and how to fix them. Or, follow this guide to get better battery life.

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