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8 Huawei Android Oreo Release Date Tips



Tips Once Android Oreo Arrives

Tips Once Android Oreo Arrives

Next, we want to share a few tips for once Android 8.0 Oreo does indeed arrive on your Huawei smartphone. It's a big change from EMUI 5.1 to 8.0, but it's not all perfect. 

Huawei changed the name to line itself, and its software, with Google's naming system. So it's actually not a huge revolutionary jump in software. It has plenty to offer, don't get us wrong, just don't expect too much. 

First up, you'll notice there's no app drawer. The entire launcher is completely different, and there's no longer a tray full of apps you can tap. You can get this back though. Go to Settings > Display > Homescreen Style > and change it from Standard to Drawer

While EMUI 8.0 is nice, the notification system is pretty weird. Qurkie is a good way to explain it. You'll be able to bundle notifications, snooze notifications, and the phone will pile similar notifications together. It's a move to clean up our phones, and it just takes some getting used to on Huawei phones. 

Here's a big one. Any phone with an 18:9 display, you now have an option to stretch apps to use the full display. Instead of only some of your screen. Huawei changed the entire settings menu, a lot, and the display settings are filled with options. 

Lastly, play around with the new floating navigation bar, if you want to get rid of those on-screen buttons. And don't' forget to try the new theme system. Allowing you to change the entire look and feel of your phone with a theme. 

A lot changed with EMUI 8.0. It's a similar yet vastly improved and different experience. You'll get it all with the Huawei Android Oreo update. Or, some older phones will get most of EMUI 8.0 features in an upcoming update, even if they aren't getting Oreo. So stay tuned, and we'll update once we know more. 

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