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8 Huawei Android Oreo Release Date Tips



Don't Wait For Oreo

Don't Wait For Oreo

Updates to Android 8.0 Oreo for a slew of Huawei devices will arrive, and most of your problems or issues will get fixed. That said, some won't. The update will improve things, but don't wait for it, and don't expect everything to get fixed. 

This means you'll want to be proactive right now, rather than wait. Try to fix any problems you're dealing with yourself. By either heading to XDA Developers or asking questions on Reddit. 

You can also follow this guide for some tips to solve frequent issues with Huawei's EMUI experience. 

Additionally, don't expect Android Oreo to fix everything. It might actually add to your issues. If so, here are some common Oreo problems and how to fix them

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