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Get Ready for iOS 12 Beta Problems

Get Ready for iOS 12 Beta Problems

The iOS 12 beta is early software and early software is typically buggy and unstable. Older devices typically feel the brunt of performance issues, but problems will emerge across all of Apple's mobile devices. 

It's difficult to predict exactly what you might run into when you download and install iOS 12 beta on your phone or tablet. And that's precisely why you'll want to be ready.

Apple will need to fix some bugs in future iOS 12 betas, but some problems you'll be able to fix on your own. 

We've put together a list of fixes for the most common iOS 11 problems. If you don't consider yourself an expert iOS user, you'll want to bookmark that page or commit some of those fixes to memory.

We also recommend following Apple Support on Twitter and bookmarking the Apple Support page on the company's website.

You'll also want to get familiar with Apple's Discussion forums. There are a ton of knowledgable users on there. 

You might not get the same kind of support (from Apple, at least) that you might get for a problem with official software, but it won't hurt to ask. 

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