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iOS 14 Beta Release Date: Tips & Tricks



WWDC 2020 is just a few days away which means the iOS 14 beta release date is getting close. With that in mind, those of you who want to try iOS 14 before its official release should start preparing for its arrival.

Apple’s annual developer conference won’t be held in its usual format this year. Instead of an in-person conference, the company is hosting WWDC 2020 in an online-only format.

WWDC 2020 will serve as the launch pad for the company’s upcoming software updates for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

Apple will highlight many of the features coming with iOS 14 and its other updates. We also expect the company to outline its beta plans.

iOS 14 Beta Release Date

The WWDC 2020 keynote kicks off at 10AM Pacific on June 22nd and that’s when we’ll likely hear all about the iOS 14 beta for the iPhone.

If you’re unfamiliar, the iOS 14 beta represents an early version of the company’s new operating system and it gives developers, and those enrolled in Apple’s Beta Software Program, a chance to try new features and test for bugs and performance issues before the firmware is officially released in the fall.

We expect Apple to push iOS 14 beta in the developer beta program shortly after the conclusion of the keynote address with the public iOS 14 beta coming a few weeks later.

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Installing the iOS 14 beta will be tempting. However, a lot of you will want to stay put on iOS 13.5.1 or whatever version of iOS your device is currently running.

The iOS 14 beta is pre-release software which means it’s unfinished. The first iOS 14 beta will be plagued with numerous problems that Apple will have to fix over the course of the testing period.

If you do decide to install the iOS 14 beta, you’ll want to be extremely careful and you’ll want to come into the release date as prepared as you can, particularly if this will be your first time using beta software.

If you’re thinking about installing the iOS 14 beta on your iPhone, here are some tips that will come in handy as we push toward the release.

Prepare for the iOS 14 Beta Release Date

Prepare for the iOS 14 Beta Release Date

If you're planning to install the iOS 14 beta on your iPhone, use this time to prepare yourself and your device for its arrival. 

The download will almost certainly be massive, the iOS 13 beta was 4GB, so you can expect to encounter a pretty significant download.

If you don't have enough space, iOS will temporarily remove some downloadable parts of the apps installed on your device, but sometimes this isn't enough.

If you still need more space you'll need to delete files you no longer need to make room for the download. 

Data loss issues are pretty rare these days, but you'll still want to backup all of your data before you move your device to the iOS 14 beta. 

If you want to install the iOS 14 beta right after it lands, your iPhone will need a solid charge. Make sure your phone has at least a 50% charge or you're near a charger. You'll also need to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. 

Finally, make sure you have your Apple ID and other logins handy. There's always a chance the installation logs you out of apps and services so you'll want to have those on hand so you can get right back to using them. 

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