iOS 9 Update: 5 Things to Expect in August
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iOS 9 Update: 5 Things to Expect in August



With an iOS 9 release confirmed for the fall and rumors pointing to an arrival next month alongside an iPhone 6s, we expect this to be a busy month for Apple’s new operating system. With that in mind, we want to take a look at a few things you can expect from the iOS 9 update in August.

The weeks leading up to Apple’s annual WWDC conference were full of iOS 9 rumors. All signs pointed to a launch at the event in San Francisco and on June 8th, the company announced its successor to last year’s iOS 8 operating system. The name? iOS 9.

The iOS 9 update is confirmed and like its predecessors, it will be bringing major changes to Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple’s confirmed its iOS 9 release for all devices capable of running iOS 8 and its confirmed the iOS 9 release date for the fall.


In the weeks since the company’s iOS 9 announcement, we’ve seen a number of new iOS 9 details emerge thanks to the iOS 9 beta updates Apple’s released to developers and testers. And with several weeks to go before iOS 9’s arrival, we expect to hear a whole lot more about Apple’s next operating system.

August is off to a slow start but we expect things to pick up in the near future. Today, we want to take a look at a few of the things we expect from Apple and its iOS 9 update in August. Apple isn’t in constant communication with the public so our goal here is to set your expectations as we move onward towards its public release date.

iOS 9 Rumors

The first thing you should expect from the iOS 9 update this month are rumors.

iPhone and iOS rumors tend to heat up the month before Apple’s announcement. Last year, iOS 8 rumors started picking up the pace in late August as Apple began to finalize its plans for September. And with an iPhone 6s/iOS 9 release rumored for September, there’s a very good chance that we’ll see the same thing happen this year.

As we get closer to the iOS 9 release, we’ll almost certainly hear rumors about features that Apple’s kept hidden from developers and beta testers. We’ll also probably hear more about the iOS 9 release date. The iPhone 6s release date has narrowed but we typically get specific details ahead of time.


iPhone release date details will help us narrow the iOS 9 release date because Apple typically releases its iOS updates a few days before releasing its new hardware.

As for the iOS 9 launch date, it’s possible that we’ll see a date confirmed sometime later this month. Last year, Apple confirmed the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 launch date on August 28th. We’d expect Apple to confirm a date in late August or early September. We could see rumors out a date long before media invites go out though.

More iOS 9 Betas

We’re not expecting a surprise iOS 9 release date in August. iOS 9 is still plagued with problems and everything is pointing to an arrival next month alongside Apple’s new iPhones.

Instead of a public iOS 9 release in August, we’d expect to see more iOS 9 beta updates emerge this month. We’d expect at least one more iOS 9 beta to emerge for developers and testers before the arrival of the GM.

Right now, we’re on iOS 9 beta 4. Apple released that update on July 21st which means that an iOS 9 beta 5 could arrive sometime in the next few days. Apple’s been sticking to tight two week intervals for its iOS 9 beta releases and we expect that to continue in August.

New iOS 9 Features

You should expect these new iOS 9 betas to come with new features.

Every single iOS 9 beta up to this point has come with some notable changes. For instance, the iOS 9 beta 4 brought back Home Sharing for Music in iOS, some changes to the iOS 9 user interface, Picture in Picture for Podcasts, and more.


iOS beta updates always deliver new fixes and refinements but we also typically see Apple add in new features as it makes progress. Last year’s iOS 8 beta 5 update, one of the last before the GM, brought several new features to iPhone and iPad users.

We’re not expecting any huge groundbreaking features this late in the beta process but we wouldn’t be surprised to see feature tweaks and some smaller useful additions make an appearance in the final versions of the iOS 9 beta.

More iOS 9 Problems

We also expect to see more iOS 9 beta problems emerge. We’ve already seen a number of problems plague those in the iOS 9 beta program and we expect any and all upcoming betas to come with their own collection of problems.

We point this out because we continue to get questions about the iOS 9 beta. People want to know if the update is worth installing now that we’re weeks removed from the initial beta release.

The iOS 9 beta is more stable than it was back in June but there are still plenty of problems hampering performance on the iPhone and iPad.

If you do decide to download and install the iOS 9 beta ahead of its release, expect to run into problems. We might be closing in on a public release but this is still early preview software. It’s going to buggy.

No iOS 9 Jailbreak

Finally, do not expect developers to release a jailbreak for the iOS 9 update in August.

In early June, developers confirmed plans to release an iOS 9 jailbreak. At the time, they said that they hoped to release an iOS 9 jailbreak immediately after the update’s release in the fall. Since then, mostly silence.


We’ve seen hackers release a jailbreak for iOS 8.4 but we haven’t seen one emerge for iOS 9 beta. And at this point, this late in the game, it would be surprising to see developers release a jailbreak for the beta. Our guess is that their energies are still focused on a jailbreak release for the public iOS 9 update.

We wouldn’t be surprised if we started hearing some details about an iOS 9 jailbreak in August but don’t expect to hear much. Devs won’t want to tip Apple off ahead of the iOS 9 release.

7 Exciting iPhone 6 iOS 9 Features

Better iPhone 6 Battery Life

Better iPhone 6 Battery Life

Apple will deliver two major improvements to the iPhone 6 battery life this fall that will add up to an hour of normal use to your iPhone 6 every day and a special mode that can add another three hours of use with a special low power option.

Instead of flipping options on and off so that you can get your iPhone 6 through the day, you only need to toggle the new iOS 9 Low Power Mode to on and the iPhone 6 will turn off battery sucking options to last another three hours without significantly changing how you use the iPhone.

In day-to-day use iOS 9 is more efficient, which means the iPhone 6 will last at least one more hour of regular use for most owners. Think about where your iPhone 6 battery dies now and then add an hour. For many of us, one more hour is all we need on an average day and three hours will get us through the longer and busier days.

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