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7 iPhone 8 Features We Want in 2017



iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

After using a wireless charging iPhone case with the iPhone 6s for months it was tough to give this convenience up to go to the iPhone 7.

We want an iPhone 8 with wireless charging in 2017. The good news is this might actually happen and it could even come with better range than current wireless charging.

Right now you need to set the phone down on a wireless charger for it to work. This takes the hassles of plugging in out of the way, but you can't use the iPhone while it is charging.

Apple is reportedly exploring long range wireless charging. This type of charging could charge devices up to 15 feet away. Apple may be using technology from Energous to start charging your iPhone 8 as soon as you walk into your home or office. If this comes true, longer battery life becomes less important for day to day use. Rumors indicate Apple is working with Energous.

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