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7 iPhone 8 Features We Want in 2017



iPhone 8 OLED Display

iPhone 8 OLED Display

Apple stuck to it's guns delivering the same iPhone screen sizes and resolutions, with an upgraded color gamut. For the iPhone 8 display we are already hearing rumors of an OLED display.

There are a few things that come with a switch to an OLED iPhone display. This move would allow Apple to trim the bezels of the iPhone down to either fit a larger display in the same current size iPhone or shrink the size of the iPhone.

With OLED screen technology Apple can also unlock the ability to place Touch ID on the display itself.

Reports already indicate that Apple is working with Sharp and other facilities to secure the OLED screens it needs for the iPhone 8. A recent report from the Korea Herald indicates that we could see three new models including one with an OLED display. The OLED versions of the new iPhone will all have curved screens as Apple ordered only plastic OLED -- not glass -- from Samsung Display. Samsung is capable of supplying a little less than 100 million units of curved OLED displays to Apple," according to the Herald's source.

OLED displays use less power, offer better picture quality, are lighter and can allow for more durable displays.

Samsung already uses AMOLED displays on the Galaxy S7 and other phones and it is one of the reasons that these phones can show you the time and other key info on the screen all the time without running the battery down.

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