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iPhone X Release Date Tips & Tricks



Check Your Delivery & Prepare

Check Your Delivery & Prepare

If you'll be out of the house on November 3rd or on the day your iPhone X order is supposed to arrive, you'll need to plan accordingly.

If you ordered your iPhone X from Apple your delivery will require a signature. If you're not going to be home, you'll need to sign for it digitally or you'll have to wait for the delivery driver to return the next day. 

If you've never dealt with a delivery from Apple, head on over to its website for additional information about your delivery options. 

If you ordered from a carrier or retailer you might not need to sign for your iPhone X, but you'll still want to have a plan because you don't want a $1000 gadget sitting on your doorstep all day long. Thieves aren't stupid, they know November 3rd is iPhone X launch day.

If you need to, plan your day around the delivery and use delivery apps like the UPS app or Fedex app to track your iPhone X. 

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