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iPhone X Release Date Tips & Tricks



Make a Backup

Make a Backup

If you're getting an iPhone X this week, or if you're planning to trade-in your old phone, now's a great time to backup the data on your old phone. 

When you open up your iPhone X you're going to start with a blank slate. If you plan to start from scratch, skip this tip. However, if you're looking to bring all of your contacts, photos, and other files over to your new phone, you'll want to backup your files. 

Backing up the files on your old iPhone could take awhile. Backing up a near-full 64GB iPhone can take 30 minutes or more.

Making a backup now will allow you to quickly make the transition from your old iPhone to your brand new iPhone X.

If you're planning to trade in an old iPhone at a retail location this will also help you get in and out of the store with your new iPhone X.

There are a couple of ways to make a backup. You can backup via iTunes or you can backup via iCloud. If you're unsure of how to proceed, take a look at those guides.

Apple's iOS 11 update also has an extremely useful automatic setup feature that quickly brings over your settings to a new phone. Get familiar with it now.

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