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LG G7 vs Pixel 2 XL: What You Need to Know



LG G7 vs Pixel 2 XL: Camera(s)

If there's one area that these two phones will be really close is the camera department. That's because while Google has some of the best optics and camera AI, LG has some pretty good upgrades too. 

Google only has a single 12MP camera, but it's one that won a ton of awards and takes amazing photos. It even does portrait mode bokeh photography using machine learning and AI. LG's G7 needs two cameras to do the same thing, like the iPhone X. 

Other than whether or not one is better than the other, LG's camera technically has more options. Mainly the secondary 16MP wide-angle lens for landscape photography or other creative photos. 

Until we have a chance to test the LG G7 camera we're going to assume Google still has a strong lead here. That said, we'll know more once we review the LG G7. 

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